Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellaneous Links

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1. Musharraf to return to Pakistan, stage a political comeback.  Should go over as well as a Cheney presidential run in the US.

2a. Again I say, al Shabab is losing the war in Somalia, not that anyone seems to have noticed.  2b. Kenya has made a rather costly commitment to the AU PKO, which was already doing well.

3. UN High Commission on Refugees's report on 2010.  Afghanistan and Iraq account for nearly 50% of global refugees.  About 75% of refugees reside in countries that neighbor their country of origin.  Developing countries host roughly 80% of refugees.  I wonder why the US isn't more popular in the developing world...

4. Israeli Navy will soon be focusing most of its effort on protecting offshore oil rigs.  Most of these rigs are not within Israel's territorial waters (12 nautical miles from land), but only within its "economic" waters (70 nautical miles).  That makes them highly sensitive to attacks.  Not that the Arab-Israeli conflict has anything to do with resources off course.  No, it's irreconcilable religious differences and historical grievances.  I keep forgetting.

5. Anton Strezhnev has an insightful (and inaugural) post on Libya and the ICC.  Punchline: the NTC's lack of commitment to the ICC need not be sign as a lack of commitment to the rule of law.  I remain less than optimistic about the NTC, but this is a good point, and well argued.

6. US, Saudi Arabia move towards regime change on Syria.  But check the date of publication.  The more things change...

7. Detecting corruption in India.  (H/T Brendan Nyhan)  Clever research design.  Sadly predictable findings.

8. Some good advice about blogging.  Mostly common sense, but there's a lot of good ideas here that you might not have considered.

9a. Some meditations on the relationship between goals and victory from Dan Trombly and 9b. Adam Elkus.  See also 9c. this 2007 JCR article by Patricia Sullivan.

10. You probably already heard about the US Navy rescue, but ICYMI.  Putting hard power resources to work exercising soft power?

11. Muslim Brotherhood offered guarantees to US about peace with Israel.  Just days after promising to put those treaties to a national referendum.  I just don't get why the US would insist on guarantees thought.  We all know joint democracy promotes peace, right?

12. "What is your definition of 'against'?''  Today's Republican Party seems to think that the one thing the Bush administration got wrong about the War on Terror was refusing to make it a war against Islam.  That's an...interesting way of looking at it.

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